Consultancy Services

Environmental Approvals (EC | Consent & Compliances | CRZ | MoEF)

EcoSupport believes in giving value added services to our esteemed customers while obtaining clearances. For this, we develop Environmental Strategies for various project types, from residential, to commercial and mixed-use developments in accordance with the up to date environment laws and regulations. Our team is involved right from processing tasks of application, environmental modelling (analysis) till final presentations to the appraisal committees. Eco Support Pvt. Ltd. is an established consultant for obtaining Environment Clearances from the MoEF & State Environment Departments. Eco Support has been serving its customers with its experienced team Clearance services for residential, commercial & industrial projects. Over the years, Eco Support has accomplished approvals for varied residential, commercial, industrial redevelopment & SRA projects (real estate) across Mumbai, Thane & Pune. As per requirements we carry out inhouse Shadow Analysis, Wind Analysis, Microclimate and Heat island study, Traffic analysis and air dispersion modelling, Disaster Management Plans, water and waste management study, Biodiversity Impact Assessments, indoor air quality prediction and provide mitigation measures etc.

Shadow Impact Analysis

We have carried out Shadow Impact Analysis of 100+ buildings across Mumbai & suburbs to assess the impact of shadow casted on nearby structures in the vicinity and provide mitigation measures for same. We conduct this analysis using licensed updated versions of climatology software.

Wind Impact Analysis

EC / HRC procedures require performing wind impact analysis for proposed buildings to assess the impact on the surroundings with respect to wind flow patterns. We conduct this analysis using licensed updated climatology software. We have successfully carried out Wind Impact Analysis for more than 100+ buildings across Mumbai & suburbs while obtaining environmental approvals for them.

Microclimate & Urban Heat Island Studies

Eco Support’s value added service has a unique feature in carrying out simulations for microclimate studies & providing mitigation measures for the same. It is based on the heat generated due to air conditioning and heat reflected due to glass/other materials presented for the microcosm of the place. We conduct this analysis using licensed updated climatology software.

Green Building Certifications

Eco Support Pvt. Ltd. has been an IGBC member & one of its flagship projects has been the heritage building TCS House, Fort, Mumbai which was awarded the IGBC Platinum rating. The green building team of Eco Support is involved in tandem with the project proponent’s architects in application of passive design strategies to reduce energy consumption, improve thermal comfort and daylight. Environmental master planning is simulated through distribution, massing and orientation of the building to improve daylight, solar access while providing protection from noise and pollution to the occupants. We have also carried out refurbishment of green features to existing buildings.

Air Dispersion Modelling

Emissions from traffic and air quality are established using appropriate models, studies for existing and proposed scenarios keeping in view the growth being witnessed in the region. An action plan is prepared for mitigating the congestion and related air pollution problems that would get created. We conduct the air dispersion modelling studies using AERMOD

Zero Garbage Programs : Solid Waste Management

Eco Support provides consultancy and turnkey solutions with zero garbage concepts for management of all type of biodegradable, recyclable and non recyclable waste generated at household, townships, commercial, hotels etc. We promote sustainable waste management system in residential buildings and commercial spaces to maximize resource value while minimizing environmental impact so that our development and environment can thrive in harmony. We provide designing, execution and maintenance for ZERO WASTE MANAGEMENT for household, society, commercial facilities, municipal wards etc. We also assist for solid waste management planning for MoEF (Environmental clearances).

Biodiversity Impact Assessments

We offer biodiversity impact assessment studies which are part of EIA’s to be submitted to MoEF. We have experienced NABET accredited functional area experts in the field work of ecology & biodiversity. We are equipped with the state of art facilities required for biodiversity studies in tandem with the environmental policies.

Butterfly Gardens & Green Space Development

We create these as engaging gardens for R.G. areas where you can see & photograph butterflies in open natural surroundings. We believe in naturally enhancing the existing biodiversity of these colourful winged species. On developing the butterfly garden, we conduct outreach programs for awareness, identification & life-cycle of the butterfly species in your society or area. We understand that branding the green features of your development would help in gaining brownie points and enhancing your brand image. We perform these tasks for green branding your project.

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